N.N. Semenov Federal Research Center
for Chemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences


Key Areas of Research

The goal and subject of activity of the FRC CP RAS is to obtain new knowledge, create and maintain the scientific and technical reserve of the Russian Federation in the field of chemical physics at the required level.

The Center carries out the following main activities

Conducting fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific research in the following areas:
  • kinetics and mechanism of chemical reactions, theory and dynamics of elementary processes;
  • catalysis of chemical reactions, supramolecular and self-organizing systems;
  • femtochemistry and nanochemistry;
  • new materials and nanomaterials with desired properties and functions;
  • fundamental principles of polymerization processes, structure and properties of polymers and composite materials;
  • physics and chemistry of combustion, shock waves and detonation;
  • physics and chemistry of condensed states of material;
  • physics and chemistry of biopolymers, dynamics of biochemical processes;
  • chemical physics of physiological processes and development of pharmacological preparations;
  • theoretical foundations and practical development of chemical-technological processes and equipment;
  • neutralization of chemical threats, prevention and minimization of the risks of negative impact of dangerous chemical factors, increase in the protection of the population and the environment, as well as evaluation of the effectiveness of these measures.
  Establishment of scientific publications, publishing activities, publication of collections, articles, methodological materials, implementation of information projects, including in electronic form.
  Implementation of educational activities in the programs of training scientific and pedagogical personnel in the master's, postgraduate, doctoral studies, as well as through internships, competition; organization of advanced training for employees of the FRC CP RAS.
  Organization and holding of conferences, meetings, symposiums, seminars, schools and other scientific events, including international ones or with the participation of foreign scientists.