N.N. Semenov Federal Research Center
for Chemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences


Key Areas of Research

  • Physics and chemistry of biopolymers as well as Dynamics of biochemical processes
  • Theoretical foundations and practical development of chemical technologies and equipment
  • Condensed matter physics and chemistry
  • Femtochemistry and nanochemistry
  • Physics and chemistry of combustion; shock waves and detonation
  • Immobilization of chemical-based threats, preventing and minimizing the risks of negative impacts of hazardous chemical agents
  • New materials and nanomaterials with targeted properties and functions
  • Chemical physics of physiological processes and development of pharmaceutical products
  • Kinetics and mechanism of chemical reactions; theory and dynamics of elementary reactions
  • Fundamental principles of polymerization processes; structure and properties of polymers and polymer-based composites
  • Catalysis of chemical reactions; supramolecular and self-organising systems